Last Bottle Marathon-Today at 9 pst

An epic battle is mounting in the cyber-galaxies. Not between the light and the dark side, but perhaps the white and the red side? The Last Bottle Marathon begins today at 9am PST. Still looking for a last minute gift? Wanting to fulfill last year’s resolution to begin a wine collection? Need to re-stock after relatives? Whatever your motivation for buying, the Last Bottle Marathon is preparing for battle. If you haven’t signed up, you can share the love by clicking here to indicate that I referred you. You know I’ll share. Here are the details copied from their email:

Ready are you?

Star Wars #7 is released tomorrow and that seems like a FINE reason to blow out HUNDREDS of small lots of killer wine, no? Time to warm up the refresh button or put an add-on on your browser (check out options HERE).

At Last Bottle we think that, much like wine, Star Wars is a cultural unifier. Its themes, and the pleasure we derive from it, are ageless (your kids still love the first one, released in 1977!!). Being a small company of a wide age range ourselves, some with kids, and ALL big fans – to say we are STOKED about the release tonight (got your 3D glasses?), a massive understatement it is!! So much so that we planned an entire 2-DAY MARATHON OF WINE-FILLED MADNESS AROUND IT…! Read on!

Starting tomorrow at 9AM (Napa Time) sharp we’re taking the sage advice from one of America’s foremost thinkers: “Do or do not. There is no try.” This one is the BIGGEST and most jam-packed with world-class wines EVER! We have been shopping, collecting, saving and cutting deals like a bunch of hyperactive Ewoks and have amassed a massive storehouse of killer wines at mad, mad, market-crushing prices. Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS (in the contiguous 48)! Blown away you will be!

Most of you know the drill – for the newcomers (welcome, you are going to LOVE this), here is the magic, the madness about to ensue: for the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine) wines will appear at breakneck speed on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. These are wines we get in limited quantities at crazy-good pricing, generally not enough to send out an email on, and you won’t get any emails for the next two days. You’ll need to keep hitting the “REFRESH” button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some sell out in seconds…!). That’s it – madness it is, and all first come, first served!!

Finally – All orders placed during this marathon will be combined. We will require several weeks (2-4 weeks) to stage and coordinate all the shipping (thank you for your patience!). Orders placed during this marathon will BEGIN shipping on January 4th! That way we don’t miss you during all the holiday/new year traveling. The tracking link in your account will activate once shipped from our facility.

Index finger ready? See you tomorrow at 9AM (NAPA TIME)!! Woo hoo!

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Being a stay- at-home mom can leave one thirsting for a taste of the outside world, a world in which sentences are composed of more than three words. Being an educator means one is always seeking an opportunity to explore and learn. Being a woman with a need to connect can be a challenge when adult conversations are rare. In wine, I find the marriage of art and science, agriculture and storytelling provides limitless areas to explore. But it is the people that keep me engaged. The tenacity needed to keep the family dream alive, the risk to start anew, the trials and principles. I love the history of the vine, the impact of a season, the sentiment in the bottle. That is why I write. I write to tell their stories, to share a piece of mine. I write to learn as I teach others. I write to connect with new friends, to disconnect from the world. I write to celebrate what makes each of us unique, and that which ties us together.

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