NY girl in TX…#TXwine in NY-Wedding Oak Winery

Last month marked a milestone for me. I have officially spent more of my life in Texas than in NY. I moved here 22 years ago at the age of 22. It was supposed to be a two month adventure.

I love sharing New York with my Texas friends, Texas with my New York friends. So while my hometown may be as far from NYC as you can get in the state, I was still super excited to see that several Texas wineries are currently in New York City sharing Texas wines.


My friend Matt McGinnis is there representing Wedding Oak Winery with one of my favorites from their line, Sangiovese. It begins with earthy red fruit as one would expect, a bit more weighty with the addition of Tannat. The fruit covers the scale with high and low notes, the structure playful. Approachable, lively, but won’t be pushed around. This wine would pair classically with red sauce and grilled meats. It would be perfect with charcuterie and could even handle richer braised meats. A great example of Texas wine.


Wedding Oak also produces several inspired blends and single variety wines. The 2015 Regency Bridge is inspired by Rioja with Graciano, Tempranillo, and bit of Garnacha and Tannat. I introduced several TEXANS to Texas wines with this one at an open house. Cherries, plums, medium weight and acidity. This is an easy drinking red that is sure to please a variety of palates.


If you’re already planning Thanksgiving wines, look at their whites. I love pairing Rhône varieties with the meal. The Viognier* and Roussanne* are both lively and lovely. From Viognier, expect a pop of fruit and flowers with an elegant mouthfeel. The Roussanne gets richer with more of a nutty spice element. Can’t decide? Try them both with the addition of Marsanne in the 2015 Terre Blanc. Confession: I haven’t tried this year’s blend but last year’s was delish. I would expect the same this year. These grapes are perfect for Thanksgiving.


If you are in NYC, it isn’t too late to head that way as they will be pouring for trade and media until 4:00pm. You won’t have another opportunity to try this many great Texas wines in one place. Even we Texans, scratch that…even this NY girl living in Texas and other Texans don’t get that chance.

*{These wines were provided as media samples. Thoughts and opinions are my own. I received no other compensation.}

The complete list or wineries pouring:

Bar Z Winery

Bending Branch Winery

Eden Hill Vineyard

Fall Creek Vineyards

Hilmy Cellars

Lewis Wines

Llano Estacado Winery

Lost Draw Cellars

Messina Hof Winery

Pedernales Cellars

Spicewood Vineyards

Wedding Oak Winery

Westcave Cellars Winery

William Chris Vineyards

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Being a stay- at-home mom can leave one thirsting for a taste of the outside world, a world in which sentences are composed of more than three words. Being an educator means one is always seeking an opportunity to explore and learn. Being a woman with a need to connect can be a challenge when adult conversations are rare. In wine, I find the marriage of art and science, agriculture and storytelling provides limitless areas to explore. But it is the people that keep me engaged. The tenacity needed to keep the family dream alive, the risk to start anew, the trials and principles. I love the history of the vine, the impact of a season, the sentiment in the bottle. That is why I write. I write to tell their stories, to share a piece of mine. I write to learn as I teach others. I write to connect with new friends, to disconnect from the world. I write to celebrate what makes each of us unique, and that which ties us together.

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    1. Thanks! I never imagined myself here. Had college friends rave about it and my brother went to UT. I came with 2 suitcases before there was traffic and stayed for the people, the winters, and the food. Now I’m tearing little natives 🙂

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