Side Projects-CrossBarn Winery by Paul Hobbs

Photo used with permission from CrossBarn Winery

{These wines were provided as media samples, no other compensation. Thoughts are my own.} This is a second installment in a series about side projects by established winemakers. I hadn’t been home for quite a while, not in winter in nearly a decade. It was late January and darkness had fallen long before I arrived, […]

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An Artistic Perspective-Clos Pegase

A well made wine captures an essence. Wine, as with art, leaves an impression. One painting may capture your attention, but a study of a series, of a period paints a more complete picture. So it is with a winemaker, a brand. Bottle by bottle, stroke by stroke, the wines leave an impression.  One bottle hints, but […]

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Fond Memories-Robert Mondavi

There are some wines that invite an immediate image.  One sip and you are transplanted, to a memory or an ideal.  Robert Mondavi’s 2010 Napa Valley Pinot Noir conjures images of fallen leaves and cashmere sweaters, blackberry brambles and tartan blankets.  It is just what I want from a Pinot Noir. Many years ago, I […]

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