WWJD (What Would Julie Drink?)-Peter Zemmer

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The iconic opening of The Sound of Music begins with Julie Andrews twirling through the alpine meadows. Her hair and voice like sunshine, the snow-capped cragged mountain sides looming in the background. The range which towers above her extends west through Northern Italy’s Alto Adige so it wasn’t surprising when I was transported to this scene when tasting Peter Zemmer’s Pinot Grigio.

The Peter Zemmer winery was founded in 1928 in Cortina, Italy. The grapes flourish in the valley, the ventilation and sunlight create the right environment. The grower’s choice to use sustainable farming and organic fertilizer allows the grapes to flourish. Selective sorting through the low yield ensures the best quality wines.


Pale pear green, incredibly fragrant with notes of unripened pear and candied citrus zest. Crisp and zesty with pear, melon, citrus. Sunshine in a bottle, newly fallen snow, and alpine lilies in the finish.  This is a beautiful wine. I enjoyed every sip of this wine. Priced at about $16, it is one of the best Pinot Grigios I have had and an excellent value.

Back in 2007, we ventured just over the border into Austria, weaving above the lakes and through the Alpine towns. Leaving, we flew north over the majestic mountains. From above you get a sense of scale that is unmatched from below. It was the last we saw of the beautiful country and it left a lasting impression. When we return, we will be sure to spend more time in Alto Adige, but for now, we can open a bottle of Peter Zemmer and remember.

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Being a stay- at-home mom can leave one thirsting for a taste of the outside world, a world in which sentences are composed of more than three words. Being an educator means one is always seeking an opportunity to explore and learn. Being a woman with a need to connect can be a challenge when adult conversations are rare. In wine, I find the marriage of art and science, agriculture and storytelling provides limitless areas to explore. But it is the people that keep me engaged. The tenacity needed to keep the family dream alive, the risk to start anew, the trials and principles. I love the history of the vine, the impact of a season, the sentiment in the bottle. That is why I write. I write to tell their stories, to share a piece of mine. I write to learn as I teach others. I write to connect with new friends, to disconnect from the world. I write to celebrate what makes each of us unique, and that which ties us together.

12 thoughts on “WWJD (What Would Julie Drink?)-Peter Zemmer

  1. You had me at “what would Julie think,” being a huge fan of Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, myself. Then describing the trip into the Italian Alps kept me reading, especially since my husband and I did something similar last summer. (Nice writing)

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      1. We went from Lake Como up through the most amazing mountain pass I have ever encountered, ending at St. Moritz.
        Earlier on that trip we had toured the Pinot Grigio vineyards on the steep hillsides of Cinque Terra, which were so different from the gently rolling hills of the vineyards, here, in California. Fascinating.
        What was your favorite place?


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